Oklahoma Academy of Ophthalmology

OAO Urges People with Diabetes to Take Steps to Prevent Vision Loss 

Regular eye exams are one of the best ways to avoid diabetic eye diseases

Oklahoma ophthalmologists warn those living with diabetes to be vigilant about their eye health


CODEquest 2015
The Ultimate Course for Combatting Ophthalmic Coding Challenges

Coding is complex and will become even more so when ICD-10 launches Oct. 1, 2015. CODEquest, a four-hour in-depth coding seminar, covers the most important coding topics of the year and provides extensive ICD-10 training, in time to prepare for implementation. 


OAO Member Benefits

The Oklahoma Academy of Ophthalmology is committed to preserving quality eye care in our great state. We invite practicing ophthalmologists and members-in-training in Oklahoma to join their state specialty society. OAO members receive: